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ismail altıntaş
04-30-2021, 09:05 PM
Is there any tool that lets you type in percentages of components of a given calculator and shows you the population distances like it's shown in oracle?

I don't want to run kits through calculators.

04-30-2021, 09:56 PM
You can use Vahaduo: https://vahaduo.github.io/vahaduo/.

For example save the Eurogenes K13 spreadsheet as CSV by selecting "File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)": https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dCZldTIfd-EPjDlpQiFNcHwOtZus9Qdll3pB48zdQG0/. Copy the CSV file without the header line into the SOURCE tab. Put the line of the population whose distance you need to calculate to the TARGET tab. Then go to the DISTANCE tab and press RUN ALL.


A second option is to run a shell command like this:

$ awk -F, 'NR==FNR{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++)a[i]=$i;next}$1{s=0;for(i=2;i<=NF;i++)s+=($i-a[i])^2;print s^.5,$1}' <(grep ^Finnish, Eurogenes\ K13\ spreadsheet\ -\ K13.csv) Eurogenes\ K13\ spreadsheet\ -\ K13.csv|sort -n|head -n8
0 Finnish
4.66544 East_Finnish
5.07936 Estonian
6.86974 Southwest_Finnish
9.31302 Belorussian
10.5573 Lithuanian
10.6256 Kargopol_Russian
12.6225 Russian

Park Sora
09-03-2021, 05:05 AM

Where are you from? The flags on your profile looks interesting. I also wondered your results