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This is from the study in 2010 the genome wide structure of the jewish people Q seems to be found in almost all the jewish groups sometimes at very high frequencies which I am to tired to post now. It is labeled as PQR2 here but I'm sure it's all Q as P* is almost non existent outside of southeast asia afaik and R2 isn't really found in any jews. This is a old study and free supplement material so this attached was not behind a paywall. I am surprised I haven't heard more about this. Beyond this have any studies been done on the haredi ashkenazi jews? Is their y dna similar to other ashkenazi or vastly different. I have attached the file here it is free to share as I sourced it and it's not from behind a paywall.Just in case the attachment didn't go thru this is how common PQR2 (which is probably all Q) is in various jewish groups Haplogroup q in jews 38 out of 856 askenazi 7 out of 57 azerbaijani 19 out of 45 cochini 0 out of 27 ethiopian 7 out of 62 georgian 17 out of 49 iranian 24 out of 79 iraqi 3 out of 83 moroccan jews 8 out of 174 sephardic jews 1 out of 15 uzbekistani jews 7 out of 74 yemenite jews this is according to the genome wide ancestry of the jewish people.Also the Cheutas have 8 percent Q according to Middle Eastern Genetic Legacy in the paternal and maternal gene pools of Cheutas. I thought I saw a study that said algerian and or libyan jews haz 15 percent Q but I just found one where jerban and libyan jews had 0 percent. Sub saharan jews seem to have a lack of q because it's not found in ethiopian jews or lemba.correction I saw a more highly detailed study and the askenazi had a small amount of R2 so some of this may be R2 as well.

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There are several Jewish lineages in Q, and a few in R2. They are found in all major Jewish communities and some have a good chance at being Israelite while others were more likely picked up in the diaspora. Here's a list of known Jewish lineages in Q + R2 on YFull.
1) https://www.yfull.com/tree/Q-Y2200/ - major Ashkenazi lineage within Q-L245
2) https://www.yfull.com/tree/Q-Y87855/ - major Moroccan Jewish lineage within Q-L245
3) https://www.yfull.com/tree/Q-YP1236/ - large seemingly pan-Sephardi lineage within Q-L245
4) https://yfull.com/tree/Q-L330/ - at least two Romaniote families are in a lineage within Q-L330

1) https://yfull.com/tree/R-FGC13184/ - major Mizrachi lineage with a descendant branch among Eastern Ashkenazi Jews
2) https://yfull.com/tree/R-Y127102/ - tiny Ashkenazi lineage

It's worth mentioning that Adams et al. 2008 found R2 at 4/174 = 2.3% in their Sephardi sample, and Q at the same rate of 4/174 = 2.3% as well. Q-Y2200 makes up approximately 4.8% of Ashkenazi Y-chromosomes and R2 makes up around 1.1%. Rates for Mizrachi communities are harder to gauge, but R-FGC13184 is again a major Mizrachi lineage so likely makes up a non-trivial amount of their Y-chromosomes.

In my opinion, all of the branches within Q-L245 are likely Israelite, with the known R2 branches have a significantly lower chance. It is quite unlikely that the Romaniote lineage within Q-L330 was among the ancient Israelites.