View Full Version : W3a1, anyone?

05-05-2021, 02:15 AM
I am W3a1 and looking for others; my intention is to plot a map (pinpoints) in effort to look for migration patterns into Europe. I have only been able to follow my maternal line to 2nd GG born in a small town named "Meisenbach"near Cologne.


05-24-2021, 01:28 PM
Judith, W3a1 has a huge spread from Ireland to the Mon people in Thailand and Laos with many subbranches, indicating that it has an ancient origin, confirmed by ancient samples to have formed during the Stone Age. The oldest known W3a1 is an Eneolithic male I4087 (Anau3) from Tepe Anau, Parkhai Anau in present-day Turkmenistan dating to 4000-3000 BC belonging to the Iran Turan. This individual has the additional T16304C mutation not found in any present-day samples.