View Full Version : R-z92 is my Y-haplogroup

05-06-2021, 11:31 PM
I know there is a better known R1a->Z92 Y-haplogroup, but 23&me says I'm R-Z92 (with R being M207 and R1a being M420). Best estimate for the first examples of R-Z92 I can find on the web is 4000+- ybp.

I also have an somewhat uncommon admixture. There is very little.

My Y-DNA is R-Z92 and my overall DNA profile is 49.5% Polish (at the 50% confidence level)
My mtDNA is K1b1b, ancient Irish/Welsh/Scot/Briton per 23&me, and my overall DNA profiles shows 49.3% British Isles, most likely Irish.
The other 0.2% is ancient Mesopotamian/Caucasian/Persian (per 23&me)

But since this is the Y-Group thread, it appears my father's family show up in North East Poland, not far from Lithuania and Belarus around 4,000 years ago, kept to themselves, and are still here 4000 years later. The family name is the same as the local village, so it's likely the family has been in that area of Poland for a long time, and now come to America.

Is that a reasonable interpretation?

If so, how do 4000 year old DNA lines still exist?

I've concluded (bases on what info I can find) that R-Z92 would be considered a pre-Russian population?

Does anyone else know anything to add, or has an opinion? :)

I see there is a R-Z93 thread, and I'll post there as well.