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05-22-2021, 01:26 PM
It has long been known that the Qajar dynasty belongs to haplogroup J1 and its Z1842 subclade.

Big Y-700 was ordered in April for one of the descendants of the Qajars by joint efforts of the Azerbaijan DNA project and J1-Z1842 DNA project.

Today 111 markers have arrived. NevGen says about 100% probability J1a3 Z1828 > Z1842 > ZS3089.

Waiting for the SNPs.

05-22-2021, 01:41 PM
I looked at the closest haplotypes using a self-made haplotype comparison program. These are the haplotypes closest to the Qajars today by the total difference in mutations and by the method of infinite alleles (the numbers on the left are the distances):

The total difference in mutations, 67 markers

The method of infinite alleles, 67 markers

The total difference in mutations, 111 markers

The method of infinite alleles, 111 markers