View Full Version : Who are the people of Shum Laka?

05-28-2021, 08:14 AM
When the Shum Laka paper was released I was extremely confused by the admiture models. Archaeological findings initially assessed that the propulations of Shum Laka are similar to those of Iwo Iweru, a rockshelter with material culture similar to Shum Laka cave. These are people who started using palm oil and pottery and are assumed to later become the Yoruba people. These shelters are dated to the West African Later Stone Age with some evidence of cultivation and use of palm oil. Although there is no concensus on the differences found in some skeletal analysis of Iwo Iweru and the present population.

Can someone come in and start explaining further the Shum Laka paper and results from the field investigation of the Later Stone Age sites in coastal west africa.