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06-02-2021, 02:03 AM
We recognize that we're part of the personal genomics enthusiast community and feel that it's important we contribute to the growing ecosystem that sustains our community. One of the ways that we can give back to the community is by making interoperability and sharing of data as frictionless as possible. This should enable our fellow enthusiasts to use any of the features in our platform such as ghost and wizard driven calculator creation, while facilitating the use of toolsets such as Vahaduo, R-Studio, G25 Studio and others when desired.

Data sharing is important for an open community and in that spirit, we've made the importing and exporting of samples, calculators and datasheets as easy as possible via CSV pasted data or downloadable files.

Importing data, while setting a 'Custom Group' attribute, will also automatically generate Average and Median samples for that group. Additionally outliers within the group will be identified and flagged.


Samples added by users can be immediately downloaded (as CSV datasheets) by clicking on the 'download' icon. Note that exported samples can be filtered by typing in a search string in the search box.


Datasheets of selected sources and targets for a specific model as well as calculators are all easily downloadable


Last, but not least, datasheets of sources for a model can be uploaded and saved as custom calculators


We've also enhanced the sharing of models and plots ( along with sharing of the associated custom samples, groups and calculators )

Users can click on the 'Save/Share' button after running a model or generating a new PCA plot.

This creates a publicly sharable link that interactively displays the model/plot. The shared page allows viewers to easily rerun the model (or plot) for themselves by clicking on the 'Rerun' button. All associated samples are made available as part of the recreated model/plot in Genoplot.

Shared pages are customizable with images and charts as well as any desired descriptive text. Editing capabilities are included for the owners of the shared page which work much the same way as those in Medium. Posts accompanying a shared model/plot can be as elaborate (or simple) as desired using basic markdown syntax.


We've also built in a full threaded commenting platform that provides the owner of the page/share with full administrative control over commenting, locking, and "banning" of unruly commenters (applicable just to shares/pages owned by that user).

https://nimbus-screenshots.s3.amazonaws.com/s/a16ec0f996ba44289286e63ef813d1e5.png (https://genoplot.com/shared/pca/#Genoplot/17523bcf94b2)

Hopefully, these data import/export facilities and model/plot sharing capabilities will be helpful to the AG users that are already comfortable with the other very capable tools that are part of the personal genomics ecosystem. We remain committed to providing an open and free-to-use platform while ensuring that our users' personal data remains secure and fully under their own control. Feedback and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

06-25-2021, 06:15 PM
More sharing enhancements

In addition to the interactive sharing capabilities for entire nMonte models, Admixture results and PCA plots, we've enabled sharing of individual charts, tables and PCA images. This means that you no longer have to take screenshots or upload to imgur to share images of results.

Every chart and table now has a right-click context menu item that allows you to save and upload images, while PCA plots have a new Get sharable link for uploaded image button in the top right menu.


Best of all, images are stored in vector format and are infinitely zoomable without losing resolution. Images can also be fully marked-up/annotated before sharing.