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06-18-2021, 08:27 PM
Okay, so I am pretty sure that Australoid/Melanesian peoples once populated places in South America (Yaghan Peninsula?).
It has many articles on it, such as this one. https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2015/07/22/discovery-change-view-human-history/ (Not sure how accurate this source is here).
So, the current hypothesis is Australian/Melanesian like people lived in South America at one point and either were either replaced entirely by people of Siberian/ North Asian ancestry, or intermixed (in the case of the Selkn'am, other related groups, and some Brazilian tribes). I believe Luzia's skull shows this as well. I also note that Kennewick Man was at first thought to be "Caucasian", and Olmec heads were once thought to be "African", but I am unaware of what consensus they came to about their ethnicities.
The article I posted here notes: "Linguistic evidence, and studies of the morphology of several ancient skulls from both North and South America, offered hints that the colonisation of the Americas was a more complex process, involving at least two, possibly three waves of colonisation."

I'm wondering if the settling of the Americas by Australoid/Melanesian groups was exclusively relegated to South America, possibly in very small groups, or if it was way more widespread and numerous, like many Australoid/Melanesian tribes in South, Central, Mexico, and even North America? How likely is this?

I was wondering this because I find many pictures of Northeast and Southeast Native Americans who look similar to Aboriginal Australians, and I thought to myself perhaps these tribes retained a higher admixture of the first Australian-Melanesian American population, or they were Australoid-Melanesian tribes in the first place. I understand looks do not always correlate with ethnicity or ancestry, and perhaps it is because a lot have African admixture, but I do wonder. ​I also wonder when the cultural shift/mixing with the Native Americans of Siberian ancestry took place and where it took place, if the 2-3 wave hypothesis is correct, and if there were any places in America that the Siberian Native Americans that were uninhabited by any previous waves.

Here are some pictures of Native Americans I found that look very Australo-Melanesian to me.
Ethel Butler and children, Montauk
Ruby Tigertail
Mille Lac Chippewa

What do you think?