View Full Version : China Boshan Neolithic Farmer (NF) vs Devils Gate Cave (HG)

06-30-2021, 02:39 PM
I've noticed both are needed in ancient ancestry calculators to achieve a good match for most Anatolian Turks. Some will score high for NF while others will score higher for HG, can this be explained in terms of known historical migrations/invasions? Or is it meaningless to separate the two when examining the 'Turkic' contribution to Turkish admixture?

Also, I've noticed best proxy we have for the Central Asians who moved into Anatolia has no Boshan NF at all... :confused:

Target: KAZ_Karluk
Distance: 3.2909% / 0.03290934 | R4P
46.0 Amur_Basin_Hunter-Gatherer_RUS_Devils_Gate_Cave_N
27.8 Pontic_Steppe_Yamnaya_Pastoralist_Yamnaya_RUS_Sama ra
16.6 Iran_Neolithic_Farmer_IRN_Ganj_Dareh_N
9.6 Anatolia_Neolithic_Farmer_TUR_Barcin_N

Last question, am I missing more relevant neolithic Far Eastern populations who must be considered? Baikal_N?