View Full Version : R-A228 (under L21, Z251 and FGC13899), SNP prediction, SAPP charts and analysis

07-10-2021, 05:34 PM
Here is another review of around the 50th predictable haplogroup analyzed under haplogroup R. A228 is under FGC13899 (a very nice smaller haplogroup) and Z251 which has a haplogroup project as well. Having access to the FGC13899 YSTR report really reduced the analysis time.The scope of this haplogroup is reasonably large with 56 confirmed and 64 predicted testers - total of 120 testers to chart. There are also a very respectable 43 YSNP branches under A228. Over half of the FGC13899 project are A228 testers. Here is the source information for this analysis:

www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/A228_Source_20210707A.xlsx (http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/A228_Source_20210707A.xlsx)

www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/A228_SAPP_20210707A.png (http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/A228_SAPP_20210707A.png)

www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/A228_Analysis_20210707A.pdf (http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/A228_Analysis_20210707A.pdf)
(http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/A228_Analysis_20210707A.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3eyqm1En3pR nO_Pxbp527pHMdmnksJn9GZwgGw4ARGYA-rmDbFJMEM19U)

The Source file includes formulas for the signature match of the A228 signature, genetic distance from the A228 signature and even a prediction model (binary logistic model produced by AcaStat).

The SAPP graphic file shows a SAPP chart that automatically revealed three strong surname clusters and a lot of solid YSTR signatures that allow reasonably accurate predictions of YSTR only testers.

The Analysis file is a four page high level summary of four key issues:

1) Why A228 is the appropriate for YSNP prediction and charting.

2) Details about YSNP prediction. YSNP prediction is 98.2 % accurate across 64,500 testers under haplogroup R (only one false negative).

3) Analysis of the SAPP chart.

4) Summary of the database used and all issues involved.

Feel free to ask any questions about this review of A228.