View Full Version : Common East Asian segment that doesn't match/triangulate

07-15-2021, 10:38 AM
I’ve noticed an East Asian segment on chromosome 15 that a number of Polynesians have, that when using the “Paint differences between 2 kits” feature, East Asian/Polynesian is the majority ancestry in common as shown by the attached image. I've looked at 10 Polynesian kits so far, which all have the same segment.

What’s noteworthy is Polynesians don’t seem to “match” along this segment when doing “One to One Comparisons”, even when dropping the cM minimum to 3cM, and lowering the SNPs. We all just happen to have Polynesian DNA in this spot, but we don’t actually match here (not enough to be detected anyway).

The attached image is my kit compared to a few Polynesians my grandmother matches (Maori and Hawaiians) using the “Paint differences between 2 kits” feature using the Eurogenes K13.

Eurogenes K13 chromosome colour reference:

East Asian = Light blue/aqua
Siberian = Darker blue/teal
Oceanian = Purple


As a comparison, I compared one of the kits to my father, who has no East Asian in this area. I haven’t come across this before, so I'm not sure if its related to endogamy among Polynesians, or something else. Is this spot simply highlighting our general shared SEA ancestry?