View Full Version : Has anyone seen any DNA results from the tombs in Axum or Yeha?

08-01-2021, 09:55 PM
I'm finding it rather difficult to find any consensus surrounding this topic. Since I recall reading from a couple different account stating that some of the earliest elite Axumite or perhaps Sabean (Yeha) ruling elite were found intact within their tombs or other prestigious places of burials, I am curious to know what their DNA tell us about. Before the civil war began in northern Ethiopia, access to many of the tomb areas were still prohibited to the public for reasons I can't remember.

I've had no luck searching on Google, as their algorithm only provided me with biased historical fables, when all I want to know is the status of the researched findings, or at least any qualitative explanation of the lack-thereof. If anyone has any light they can shed on this topic, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Michalis Moriopoulos
08-02-2021, 03:44 AM
Unfortunately, no. Mostly what we've got from East Africa are some hunter-gatherer and Savannah Pastoral Neolithic genomes. There were some medieval Nubian samples recently published but they haven't been publicly released yet.