View Full Version : Query regarding the phylogeny of L3

08-17-2021, 07:47 PM
Hello. I have been confused for some while now regarding the phylogeny of haplogroup L3. According to the fantastic paper by Soares et al (2012) "The Expansion of mtDNA Haplogroup L3 within and out of Africa" the phylogeny is as follows:


As you can see the authors establish that L3bcd form a clade while L3f forms its own also. However YFull's mtree as well as other popular phylogenies group L3b and L3f together; L3b'f and L3c and L3d form their own (para?) clade L3c'd. I am confused as to what is causing this discrepancy between the respective phylogenies. From what I understand, Soares et al conduct a thorough analysis of L3. Could it possibly due to a lack of relevant samples on YFull's part? I believe 23andme also follow the same phylogeny of YFull's mtree.