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04-23-2014, 02:24 AM
Hi guys thought some of you who haven't done the more extensive tests, might be interested in this opportunity. :) http://shop.yseq.net/

Joe B
04-23-2014, 03:30 AM
Thanks Táltos $25 (18.51€) per SNP until Father's Day is a good deal.
Here's the letter sent by Astrid today.

Today at 6:01 PM

Dear YSEQ customer,

Thank you very much for helping us to become a global leader at individual Y chromosome SNP testing. In the mean time we've generated enough throughput so that our suppliers have granted us volume discounts for the reagents that we use in our laboratory. We want to pass this on to our own customers, therefore we've started an early Father's Day Special. All SNPs are immediately reduced to $25 (18.51€) and will stay at this level until (including) June 15th 2014. Just look at http://shop.yseq.net and check out the newest developments in your haplogroup. You'll notice that we have more than 1300 individual SNP markers available now which have all been developed within the last 5 months. We are permanently updating our information on Ybrowse (http://ybrowse.isogg.org) and we're constantly communicating our findings to the haplogroup representatives that take care of the ISOGG tree.

If you don't find your specific SNP of interest don't worry. Just reply to this email and ask us what you're looking for. We can order the primers right away and they usually arrive in our lab faster than your sample kit. No limits for your citizen science project anymore! Of course you can always place a "Wish a SNP" order through our shop
This makes sure that your request will be processed with top priority and you'll get notifications about the progress by email.

You have found a large list of SNP candidates and you don't know where to start testing? YSEQ still offers this FREE service to evaluate your SNP candidates for molecular genetic stability. Just send us your list of markers and we'll check if we can predict possible problems with your SNP candidates. You can then reduce your list from problematic regions and you'll not waste your money on markers that have unstable phylogenetic properties. Send us your list and we'll give you a honest evaluation.

If you have more han 8 SNPs that you want to test for yourself or better for a closely related person (like your father or brother), then don't forget to ask us for a significant discount. Pipetting a whole row in a microplate is much easier for us, therefore we're happy to share this reduction of labor with you by offering a better price. Same is true if you want to order a single SNP for a large group, like test all your cousins for your very private family SNP. Y-SNP testing is very personal, therefore make use of YSEQ's flexibility as a small company and let us process your very individual research project.

Isn't this a very unique present for father's day? Unfortunately I can't give my own father such a gift anymore, but at least I was able to get a DNA sample from him when he was still around. This is certainly a way to show him how much you appreciate what you've inherited from your father.

Thank you very much for your continued support!


04-23-2014, 03:41 AM
Thanks Táltos $25 (18.51€) per SNP until Father's Day is a good deal.
Here's the letter sent by Astrid today.

Thanks Joe for posting. It looks like a good deal too for testing a large group. More discounts!

04-23-2014, 05:30 PM
This is basically for free. I am going to take the chance. Does it make any sense to order only CTS7822/Z2110 and CTS9219 tests?