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10-07-2021, 02:14 PM
Hello everybody.
I create this thread in order to know if new data of the U106 sub-clade S11493's origine is available?

I recently received my haplogroup from livingdna. R-U106. But by analyzing my positive Snps it seems that I am more precisely S19589+ > S11493+.

This sub clade seems to be (very) rare and localized in the Cornwall the Devon or Danmark.

In my case my paternal line is situated in Brittany (FRANCE) surely too the XVIII century. But my name is also of strictly Breton origin so too the XI century. R-U106 isn't a Celtic haplogroup so in Brittany it can came from Francs (Marches de Bretagne) Northmen (principal from Norway) that invide Brittany in the X century or import by Breton settlers in the V-VI century. The origins may also due to Frisons or Jutes...

If someone could give me any interesting (actualized) information I will very appreciate.

Thanks a lot