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11-30-2021, 04:37 AM
First time YSEQ user. We have 50 Big Y 700 Kits on our FTDNA Block tree and in this situation we simply require to clearly interpret if the kit results signifies this kit is Positive for the R-BY53774 SNP or is there more to it? A member of one of my surname projects received this result and nothing else from YSEQ.

Projects SampleID Ordered Marker+ Chr Start End Allele
xxxxxxxxx 2021-09-20 BY53774 ChrY 8573837 8573837 A+

R-BY53774 is his proceeding Haplogroup and we were wanting know if our testing candidate was positive for that Haplogroup which would make extensive testing worthwhile.

Does the + simply imply he is positive for that SNP as we are expecting ?

The Quick summary result is :- BY53774+

I know this seems obvious to simply mean the Kit is positive for that SNP but I needed to be absolutely clear before I suggest the candidate orders BigY or equivalent discovery testing. Would it just show - if he was not positive for that SNP?

11-30-2021, 06:10 AM
Yes, this report confirms this kit is positive for BY53774 from YSEQ's test.