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01-10-2022, 06:08 PM
This haplo was found in a very close to me moksha woman, given the prevalence of T2b in moksha and the fact that my mother is moksha, most likely I have it too. Does anyone have any scientific information at all on T2b3, well, how did it reach Eastern Europe?

J1 DYS388=13
01-10-2022, 06:26 PM
You might see a clue in the ancient samples https://haplotree.info/maps/ancient_dna/slideshow_samples.php?searchcolumn=mtDNA_Haplotree&searchfor=T2b3%&ybp=500000,0&orderby=mtDNA_haplogroup&ascdesc=ASC

01-11-2022, 12:34 PM
Funny geography.
https://a.radikal.ru/a28/2201/6d/a243d43f059a.jpg (https://radikal.ru)

01-11-2022, 02:41 PM
I think its even older, because such a wide distribution for an mtDNA of this age is rather rare imho.

J1 DYS388=13
01-11-2022, 03:35 PM
It begs the question of who those researchers think the Xiongnu were.

01-11-2022, 07:58 PM
I looked at y full and in ftdna, there are only 2 samples from Eastern Europe, and both are moksha, and then a huge leap and the westernmost part of Europe. That's funny.

J1 DYS388=13
01-11-2022, 08:04 PM
However it got among the "Xiongnu" must have something to do with how it got among the Moksha.

01-11-2022, 08:29 PM
Um, how are the Huns and Moksha related?