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05-15-2014, 11:50 AM
have just received my resssults from prrrosapia, who is to the university of Manchester somehow. It seems to be quite a bit unprepared for various things, including a malfunctioning web site, which is now apparently functioning...

They claim to be able to locat your village of origin, about 1000 years ago. One uploads their data from FtDNA or someone else, and then get the results.

Many are complaining that their results are totally off with what they know.

But< i was surprised at mine, considering it is supposedly done with autosomal dna.

My results gave me a latitude and logitude, with a point on a map.

The town is near Stutgart, in Baden Wurtemburg, near Lake Constance on the borders of the U 152 center.

Now, one would think that they just saw I was u152 and gave me this result. But again, they claim to be using new parameters on autosomal.