View Full Version : "Fine-scale genetic structure in the United Arab Emirates" paper

02-24-2022, 09:34 PM

"In contrast, volunteers originating from Abu Dhabi had significant contribution from some rare
haplogroups such as the T1a1a1a1a-P77 subclade seen in 17% of males, in particular one tribe, in
which 21/38 males (55%) carried the haplotype while the regional frequency of this haplogroup is 5-
8% (Abu-Amero, et al. 2009). This tribe is part of the Bani Yas tribe who migrated east from Central
Arabia after discovering sweet water in the Liwa region in the south of Abu Dhabi where they settled
at numerous oases retaining their tribal coherence (Heard-Bey 2004). "

I think they have the ISOGG classification wrong as T-P77 is T1a1a1b2b2b1a.

02-26-2022, 08:21 PM
Can anyone recommend a good history of the Bani Yas? Thank you.