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Jean M
05-29-2014, 01:36 PM
There was a press release on this remarkable structure in 2012. Now we have a proper write-up. Vicente Lull, Rafael Mićo, Cristina Rihuete-Herrada & Roberto Risch, The La Bastida fortification: new light and new questions on Early Bronze Age societies in the western Mediterranean, Antiquity, Volume: 88, Number: 340, Pages: 395410.

Recent excavations at La Bastida in south-eastern Spain have revealed an impressive stone-built fortification system dating to 22002100 cal BC that protected one of the main economic and political centres of Argaric Early Bronze Age society. It consists of parallel walls with projecting towers flanking a narrow entrance passage. The defensive character of these structures appears beyond question and their design suggests they were a response to significant changes in warfare and weaponry in this period. This sophisticated fortification system raises once again the question of possible Mediterranean contacts, along with social change and the role of physical violence in the rise of Argaric society.


12-14-2014, 06:31 PM
El Argar up Close: New Discoveries at La Bastida and La Almoloya

8 October
Lecture hall
6 pm
Presentation of the principal finds made recently at the Argaric sites of La Bastida and La Almoloya (Murcia), most notably the monumental fortification system of La Bastida and the palatial complex with a princely tomb at La Almoloya. These objects represent a heritage of incalculable value, considering that they have never been published and the last major finds, made by the Siret brothers over 130 years ago, are now mostly held outside of Spain. The results of the excavations and analyses represent a qualitative leap forwards in our understanding of the El Argar society and, by extension, shed light and offer new perspectives on Bronze Age culture in Europe.

The link also includes a video "East-West and North-South Iberia and outside world" by Kristian Kristiansen in English, worth listening to.