View Full Version : Iraqi Sunnis descendant of Islamized locals?

06-17-2014, 04:26 PM
I believe the Iraqi Sunnis are probably descendants of the local Arabized population. Most Sunni Iraqis live in the Northwest and parts of the West. It seems that Iraqi Sunnis have different phenotype from the Shia of the South. One thing that for sure indicates that Sunni Iraqis is their dialect has a lot of lexical Aramaic influence, and closer to the Syrian dialect of Arabic. Genetically based on the limited samples Sunni Iraqis seem to be closer to the Assyrian population, with little difference. The Shia Iraqis seem to be closer to Arabian population. It's believed that the Mongols depopulated Iraq, and a Bedouin influx occurred afterwards from Arabia, where most of these tribes became Shia in the 19th century. Well the Iraqi Sunni regions seemed to be untouched. It's believed that they switched to Sunni Islam due to political factors, but had a Christian past. Many families in Tikrit for example still use the cross in their art and make the symbol as sign of blessing. Iraqi Sunnis also in phenotype look more similar to their Christian counterpart and Levantines, well Iraqi Shias tend to look Saudis especially from the Eastern coast. Aside from the minority within minority that lives in the Syrian Desert who are similar to Jordanians. What is your opinion and thought on this.

06-19-2014, 06:32 AM
I forgot to add that cities, towns and villages in Mosul, Tikrit often have names that are of non-Arab origins, this contrary to South of Iraq. As well most Sunni Iraqis often claim to have Christian ancestors. I have also noticed that some even visit the Church of St.Mary in Mosul to pay respect. According to folk tale legend that the people of Tikrit descent from Christians, but when Timur the lame came, the leader of the area converted to Islam and so did his people, it seems they forgot their origins but kept those practices. Based on the culture of the Sunni Iraqis, phenotypes it's safe to conclude they are descendants of Islamized people. Shia Iraqis to be mostly of Bedouin stock.