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06-23-2014, 05:53 AM
1.Does haplogroup CF even exist?
2. DE exists, as evidenced by M1/YAP, M145/P205/PF1444, M203/Page36/PF1435, P144/PF1436, P153, P165/PF1439, P167, P183/PF1424 which equals 8 mutations.

3. CF has P143/PF2587, CTS3818/M3690/PF2668, CTS6376/M3711/PF2697 (3 mutations okay that is evidence)
4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Alkh_vXxrFrOdENKdWZHZ2VHak1Mc29MUlg4RlJ2S 3c&usp=drive_web#gid=6
But DE and C have these in common.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Alkh_vXxrFrOdENKdWZHZ2VHak1Mc29MUlg4RlJ2S 3c&usp=drive_web#gid=6
6317236 T-C
9553144 A-G

To me this suggests 3 possibilities.
1. both of these mutations are back mutations, that yfull discovered, back mutations bound to happen because y-dna is millions of BP.
2. DEF exists, c is most divergent. definitely makes east Asia/se Asia even a more important place for early human origins (K2b ORIGINATED HERE DO 98% OF ALL MALES ORIGINATE HERE??).
3.Yfull made a mistake.
4. Explain another way C shares mutations with DE and not F, while C shares mutations with F and not DE.
5. CDEF according to the timing comes from a lone survivor Toba bottle neck population , most likely in east Asia, unless yfull made a mistake right?
All haplogroup C fits into 2 clades C3 (now known as C2) and CXC3 (Now known as C1) INCLUDING AUSTRLIAN c (which includes C1c-M38, COMMON IN POLYNESIA and Dani of New guinea) .
Ust'Ishim y-dna haplogroup will end of being one of the following.
1. We will never know he was to old to get DNA from.(PROBABLY THE CASE, BUT BELOW ARE THE HYPOS)
3. PRE C(XC2' AND C1)
4. PRE D
5. something else and push y-dna phylogeny back.
(his mtdna has been verified as R)
All genetic evidence suggests that when the Eurasian population existed, both or either of these happened
1. Eurasians, split into WESTEurasians and Melanesian-EASTEurasians.
2. Eurasians, split into EASTEurasians and Melanesian-Westeurasians.
3. The fact is me, a west Eurasian is phlogenically (time) closer to a Melanesian, than I am to a East Eurasian by a small margin. In other words my ancestors
go back to the Papuan component sooner than they go back to the Han component, and the idea that "Australoid differentiated from a common type before the separation of the Mongoloids and Caucasoids"is total BS
The truth is Either "Mongoliods differentiated from a common type before the separation of the Australoids and Caucasoids" and / or "Caucasoids differentiated from a common type before the separation of the Australoids and Mongoliods"

assume mutation rate of 130 years:
1. QR 32,968 246.5 (R1a to source) = (ROUNDED TO NEAREST 100TH) = 133.74 (ROUNDED TO NEAREST YEAR BELOW)
2. 156,159 and 166 *3= 160*130 = (160) 21,398 split between R1b, and R1a,
3. 198+209/2 =203.5 =27,216 split between R1 and R2.
4. 156+159/2=157.5-30=17,052=split between R1b1 and R1b2(v-88)
5. 203.5+43+119 =ONE ESTIMATE OF K'S AGE. /296+330.313 +365=339 = (45,338) age of haplogroup K
6. 294* 39,319 AGE OF L00 and T00
7. age of IJK assumed 2675 years older than K. so is it 48,013 years old (one estimate)?
8. J1 401 to K J2 BOTH 354, AND 358 AVERAGE OF 356+ 378.5 j AVERAGE half weight of K estimate because K includes 2 main branchs.
9. J estimate age of IJK is 50,624 years which is 200 years more.
10. 359*2+378.5 = 365.5 IJK estimate of IJK 48,882 which means ijk is 3544 years older than K.
11. First estimate of age of I00 AND J00= 43,800 2ND= 45,538 + 5,082 YEARS AFTER SPLIT OF IJK is when HG IJ was born.
12. best estimate of age OF j100 and j200 is 36,979 years 276.5 mutations
13. best estimate of split between I100 (PRE I1) and I200 (PRE I2) THIS IS THE AGE OF i SINCE i2 WAS BORN SIGNIFCANTLY AFTER THIS = 254,5 MUTATIONS OR 34,037
14. mutations HIJK estimate= 365.5+7=372.5 I IJK estimate, will use this one because only 7 mutational difference.
15. 49,818 age of HIJK (372.5)
16. 49,952 AGE OF GHIJK.(373.5)
17. 134+158/2 146*= 19,526 age of G2A.
18. 521.5+515 (ONE E ESTIMATE)+583 ANOTHER ESTIMATE (HALF) 538 ANOTHER ESTIMATE (HALF)= 537.75+(E/2=)=529.625= 70,832 age of split between DE00 and CF00
19. 392.75*= 52,526 SPLIT BETWEEN E1b00 and E1a00= 155.75 (20,830) split between E1b1b1b1 and E1b1b1b2 and E1b1b1a
20. 995.6+ = 133,152 split between A1b1b00 and CT000


Conclusion so it is very estimatable that pre K is 48013 years old (same age as IJK).
while THE SPLIT between LT(K1) and KxLT (K2) HAPPENED 45,338 years AGO.

''On YFull I count 211 P equivalent and above SNPs till M1205.
YFull MP-M1205 level has 29 equivalent and above SNPs including Karafet et al's MSP-P331 ''

if this is the case, I take 45,388 and divide it by 240 while multiplying it by 211
giving the split between K2B1 AND K2B1 AT 39,860
I share a ancestor with O at 45,338
while I share a ancestor with MS at 39,960?
(these age estimates translated from the mal'ta study to the Sardinia phylogeny study)