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06-25-2014, 01:00 PM
CTS4314 aka S884 has been found to be derived in two Z2185+ L1066- people on Geno 2 and Sanger testing with FTDNA and two others who tested Chromo 2 and whose de-identified results have been included in the Chromo 2 spreadsheet in the public domain. Other Z2185+ people who tested either Chromo 2 or Big Y have been ancestral for this SNP, including at least five who were also negative for L1066.

So CTS4314 is downstream from Z2185 and, based on the Chromo 2 results, is parallel to Z2186, which is positioned between Z2185 and L1066. The two FTDNA testers who are CTS4314+ have the surnames Christiansen (Danish ancestry) and Abbots (English ancestry) and have a GD=24 at 67 markers, so CTS4314 looks somewhat old as a subclade.

So far, so good. However, it looks like CTS4314 under Z253 should really be CTS4314.3, as it has already been found in an R1a1 person below Z92, and also in Haplogroup I. I couldn't find it on the ISOGG tree or in the ISOGG SNP index. Even if it is a recurring SNP, it still looks to be a reasonable marker for a specific branch of Z2185.

I'm interested in any additional information on this SNP. Any comments?

Greg H

07-24-2016, 03:54 AM
This branch of Z2185 has expanded. The current sequence is Z253>Z2534>Z2185>A7037>CTS4314>S885. S891 is currently equivalent to CTS4314. BY4297 and Y8154 may be equivalent to CTS4314 or positioned between CTS4314 and S885.

A7037, also known as FGC49689, is an indel (17365539 TA>TAA). Heavey 96063 is derived for Z2185 and A7037 but ancestral for CTS4314 and the other downstream SNPs in his Big Y results. The CTS4314+ S891+ Big Y testers - Christiansen N94900, Templar 317859 and Meredith 454172 - are derived for A7037, as is PGP79 from the Personal Genomes Project, which is also derived for CTS4314 and S891.

The other Z2185+ CTS4314+ people, who have not tested by NGS, are Abbots 149025, Auguste 355837, Seward 232299, Wheaton N95472 and Williams N129916.

Greg H