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07-08-2014, 08:29 PM
This post, or thread if it becomes one, primarily concerns the "comprehensive Y-Chromosome sequencing" product that was initially offered in the spring of 2013 by the Full Genomes Corporation. The price of that test has recently been lowered, and there may be more in the pipeline, but at the moment I think we have seven completed. Six of us have uploaded our FGC analyses (Zip files of roughly 2-3 megabytes) to the Files area of the Yahoo study group for R1b-DF27. [Another person tried, but I believe what he has actually uploaded (so far) is only his raw Y data from 23andMe.] The successful FGC uploads, here with their FTDNA kit numbers, are:
Parrish 97633 (SRY2627, with considerable refinement below that)
Jewett 45214 (DF27**)
Turner N3036 (Z2571)
Gibault B2323 (S21184)
Dickinson 134765 (Z2571)
Hulan 195834 (CTS4065)

We also have access to the Y chromosome test of another R1b-DF27 project member, van Vliet 109279 (CTS4065). His complete genome was sequenced by DNA-DTC (sister company of FTDNA). It has not been uploaded to the Yahoo group, but has been included in my FGC analysis and in my "haplogroup compare" files from FGC -- as is the Gibault test, since he is also Z220+ and was tested there earlier than I was.

As has been mentioned in other threads, the Yahoo group is separate from the FTDNA haplogroup project, and its files are only visible to group members. However, DF27 people (and interested researchers) may easily join that.

In addition to these seven (or more?) completed examples, the FGC team have offered to analyze Big Y and other high resolution Y sequences for persons tested elsewhere, who can send them a BAM file. I know this has taken place to some limited degree. FGC also has just announced a "Silver Y" test, to be introduced soon, that may be more comparable with the Big Y in price and coverage. Details aren't yet available.

Anyway, we've had DF27-specific threads about Big Y and about Chromo2 results, but nothing here yet about FGC -- except within very narrowly focused conversations (about Rox2, CTS4065, L617 and so on). In terms of current SNP discovery, FGC is sort of the mouse that roared -- but it takes longer to sort ~ 50 new SNPs from each sample than five or six, and much of what we are doing with these few, more thoroughly sequenced kits is still below the radar. A lot is going on, though. YSeq has been in the lead with tests for many of the new SNPs discovered by FGC. Another development of potential interest is Chris Morley's new service, clarifYDNA, analyzing Big Y results (and, potentially, other NextGen sequencing results); this has its own thread here: http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?2690-clarifYDNA-com-clarifY-your-quot-next-generation-quot-Y-DNA-results

07-30-2014, 08:56 PM
Add Jewett 269073 (DF27**) in batch 12. He's my most distant paper trail match (MRCA born 1580). We'll see what happens at 12 generations. Next we have some same surname ftDNA matches that have to be pre-1580.