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07-09-2014, 06:00 AM
Stole this from 23andme, looked pretty interesting. This is based on a new paper from Uppsala University in Sweden.

"Obesity gene linked to hormonal changes that favor energy surplus."


Uppsala University (Sweden)


Elderly humans carrying a common variant of the fat mass and obesity gene FTO also have a shifted endocrine balance, research shows. Low blood concentrations of the satiety hormone leptin and high blood concentrations of the hunger promoting hormone ghrelin makes carriers of the FTO gene put on weight. “We found that elderly carrying an obesity-susceptible variant of the FTO gene had plasma ghrelin levels that were approximately 9 percent higher than in non-carriers,” says one researcher.

Rs9939609 Risk allele is A:


and also

Not only was the hunger promoting plasma ghrelin levels 9% higher but satiety enhancing hormone leptin were roughly 11 percent lower for those who carried the higher-risk version. The relevant SNP on the FTO gene is rs3751812 (risky version is TT).