View Full Version : Promising I1 Kittler Tests

09-08-2012, 06:14 PM
Many DYS385 Kittler tests have been performed in I1xL22 over the years, and almost all have turned out K14,13 Indeed almost all these tests were done b y Z58+ sector of I1. So I suspect the MRCA for Z58+ was probably K14,13 and he lived recent enough there is scant time to have two mutations and get to K13,14.

But I1xL22xZ58 is an entirely different story. There are now many clades identified in this portion of I1, and most seem to have modalities of DYS385 = 14,14. But these clades have members whose DYS385 has mutated from the order free 14,14. If you belong to such a clade and have 385a different from 385b --- please do the Kittler test. I believe we will see both Kittler orders showing up and have some interesting and new divisions of these clades.

There are so many clade examples where this situation applies I will not list them here. Nordtvedt's website has the I1 modalities excel file which can be used as a guide to whether your haplotype belongs to one of these Kittler-pregnant clades.

I1xL22xZ58xZ63 can be considered the early exotica of I1.

The M227+ subhaplogroup of I1 is a perfect example of what happens to an old enough clade with DYS385 modality of 14,14. The several members of this haplogroup who have done the Kittler are about equally divided into the high/low and the low/high Kittler orders.

If you are DYS385a = DYS385b then DO NOT DO THE KITTLER. There is nothing to show as to order.