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07-29-2014, 05:52 PM
I don't appear to have much company. At FTDNA, I have just three matches to others in my haplogroup. In fact, it gets even worse when I use only HVR1 and HVR2: one of my haplogroup matches actually disappears. (I'd imagine because it has a GD of 3 from me.)

67 of my 69 HVR1, HVR2 matches are simply given as "H", with the remaining 2 given as "H1bg". One problem may be that the defining SNPs for H1 and H1bg are found in the coding region, not HVR1 or HVR2.

However, another puzzle for me is that "H1bg" is named in such a way as to suggest it is directly "under" H1. In fact, there seems to be a branch defined by C16239T, but the branch itself has no name. H1bf, H1bg, and H1bh all appear to be under this branch. In addition, H1bf has its own subclade, H1bf1.

The only reason I can suppose for the "branch" defined by C16239T not to have a name of its own is if there are no samples that are just in this branch, and not in one of its "sub-branches". Anybody have any thoughts on this?