View Full Version : La Brana Man Culture

J Man
08-03-2014, 04:51 PM
I have been trying to find out more information about the Mesolithic culture in Iberia that the La Brana man would have belonged to but all I can find was that he was a Mesolithic era hunter-gatherer from around 5940-5690 BC. I know that throughout Europe during the Mesolithic there were a number of different cultures based on hunting and gathering but had different tool traditions and probably slightly different social organization and such although there are many similarities as well. Now we know that he was a hunter-gatherer and his culture was Mesolithic or from the Mesolithic times in Iberia but he lived in the far West of Europe. You can call this Atlantic Europe as well I believe. Genetically he was mostly of West European hunter-gatherer (WHG)ancestry as we know from genetic studies done on his genome. His mtDNA being U5b2c1 goes along well with this while his Y-DNA C is a bit unexpected but rather interesting still. He also most likely had blue eyes along with dark hair and dark skin. So which exact Mesolithic culture would La Brana man have been apart of I wonder?