View Full Version : Eurogenes K=6 Components

J Man
08-30-2014, 10:02 PM
I am wondering about the origins of some of the components from Polako's K=6 calculator that had not yet been released for us to use on GEDmatch. Here is a list of the one's I am thinking most about below.

AME (Ancient Middle Eastern)
ANE (Ancient North Eurasian)
ENA (Eastern Non-African)
WHG-UHG (Western Hunter-Gatherer and Unknown Hunter-Gatherer)

My take on these components is like this.

AME: Main genetic component of the very first Neolithic farmers from the Levant and Fertile Crescent in the Near East. Possibly originated in the Levant.
ANE: Main genetic component of ancient North Eurasian hunter-gatherers that was spread all the way from Eastern Europe across Northern Asia and into the Americas during the Upper Paleolithic. Possibly originated in Siberia.
ENA: Main genetic component of the ancient East Eurasian peoples of South and East Asia. Common among the Upper Paleolithic populations of far East Asia but was also common among the first Neolithic East Asian farmers. Possibly originated in South Central Asia or East Asia.
WHG-UHG: Main genetic components of the European Upper Paleolithic hunter-gatherer populations of most of Europe and may have stretched into parts of the Near East. Probably originated in Europe.

What do you all think about this?