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09-01-2014, 10:09 PM
I've evaluated all of the L513+ Big Y (54) and FGC Elite (2) results I can. For Big Y I've looked under the covers at what FTDNA filters out. This means I'll pulling up whatever I can dig into from the .vcf and .bed files.

The following links have the summary information. Green is derived and pink is ancestral with the darker the shade the more stable the variant appears to be and where the center of the cell is lightened then the test read itself may have been unreliable.

I evaluate for phylogenetic consistency so I've gone through exhaustive weeding and grading of variants. The nice thing about this kind of analysis is the tree branching really lights up with the long lines of variants that are consistent with each other and the tree in general..

This is the spreadsheet. Use the autofiltering to select what you want to look at on the column headings per the various kit #s you are interested in. The blocks of branches show up nicely, generally.


Below is the .pdf view of just those variants that are shared. You can zoom and scroll around in this view.


04-30-2015, 01:09 PM
Today is the last day of the $100 discount for Big Y orders. The coupon code is DNADayBigY. If you haven't done so, now is the time to jump on board! We've had 115 L513+ people with Big Y results in and shared with another 10 or 12 pending. This initiative has been a tremendous advance for the L513 tree.

Here is a what the L513 descendants tree looks like now:

Here is a "depth" chart showing the relative aging of the branches from Alex Williamson and the Big Tree.

Here are the details. All of the derived calls including those under the covers of Big Y in both a spreadsheet and pdf format.

My recommendation has been and is that we need two Big Y's per surname per cluster.

The inevitable result is the older branching of the tree shakes out so you figure out where you fit in. The exciting part is that you break into true genetic genealogy - finding out which surname groups are most closely related to each other and even breaking down lineages within surname groups.