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09-20-2014, 01:39 AM
In real life, I carry two surnames, one which is Portuguese specific in origin (and rather rare in Brazil), and the other, even if it may look somewhat generic at a first glance, is ethnic German (after a distant German ancestor, a ggggfather). On 23andme, the most common family names are ordinary surnames of Portuguese origin widespread in Brazil (and they reflect the bulk of my ancestry):


09-20-2014, 01:36 PM
My first fifteen surname matches are all typical British/Irish surnames, and the same is true for my brother. Further down the list for both of us are German surnames, although this is due to having quite a few American cousins who are partly German.

04-05-2015, 03:12 AM
I have a GEDmatch match to someone who has a surname in their family in the late 1500's that I had in my family 4 generations ago. This is "Watts". Also, a question, on my English side of the family, all of our known ancestral surnames are purely Anglo-Saxon/Germanic in origin, including "Watts", except for one, this being "Grainger". "Grainger" derives from the Norman-French word for an officer who collected granary Taxes. Does anyone know, therefore, if this Anglo-Norman surname signifies a Norman origin of that branch of the family per se, or if it could simply have been a name introduced to England by the Normans, but applied to ethnic English?