View Full Version : Minoan Eruption and European Male Lines

George Chandler
09-21-2014, 11:09 PM
So given that the Krakatoa eruption influenced the global climate and the Minoan eruption from the 1620's BC ejected 4 times the amount of ash (estimated). It would be interesting to see how this event influenced smaller European communities. This was at the same time Beaker People were showing up in the Isles. I'm not at all trying to make a connection between the Beakers being Minoans or that the eruption caused the migration. I wonder if it caused famine in Europe though and reduced the numbers of some the newer haplogroups. So lets say you've had something like L21 around for 500-800 years at the time of the eruption and some of those left continental Europe (if that's where L21 originated). During the beaker movement into the isles "if" the majority of the L21's left between 3,500 and 4,000 years ago and then a famine hit the mainland at that later stage could that partly explain the lower numbers of L21 in continental Europe? The plague in the middle ages wiped out 50% of the European population so there are a lot of causes to consider I know. Is there anything like what was found in the late LBK for famine from this?