View Full Version : Common Ancestor to CTS4466 and L96

10-03-2014, 05:09 PM
As a previous thread has already pointed out, FGC11134 is above CTS4466. Now it appears there is a single allele insertion, A146, that is shared by CTS4466 and L96. This is a rediscovery of a previous observation by Alex Williamson, who first noticed the shared variant when 176268 Gontaut's Big Y results were posted. As this was prior to FGC11134's discovery it wound up being lost in the shuffle as likely recurrent.

Based on the analysis of over half of the CTS4466 BAMs as well as the one representative of each of FGC11134s branches I have, it is clear A146 sits between FGC11134 and the CTS4466 and L96 branches. All CTS4466 samples and the L96 share the same T insert around 17534355, and Edgecombe and Collins are ancestral. This squares well with Nigel McCarthy's interpretation of the STRs for each group that L96 and CTS4466 are more closely related than A286.

--> FGC11134
-----> A286
-----> A146
--------> L96
--------> CTS4466

More testing on the L96 positives is needed for absolute verification, but everything looks very solid thus far.