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10-26-2014, 08:02 PM
Hullo from a newbie,
This is a large topic , like "British Empire" would be but I hope to narrow the topic in later threads. It seems that the Indic realm in SE Asia had different natures from the British era of colonisation. So it may be interesting to look at the start and the end-result of both systems.
One analysis may be that vegetarian Indians were not as carnivorous as British privateers and profiteers. And Britain was at the end of the China-Rome trade highways whereas India sat in the middle and experienced a steady flow of goods. Britain had to sail halfway round the world to enter Asian ports which were a short journey from India.
The major difference was that Indian merchants traded in a civilised way in Thailand, Malay states and then east Asia. Local people just observed Indian organisation, faith and language and gradually imitated these.
Indian rulers then emerged as internal citizens without any direct intrusion from Maurya, Pandya or Chola kings from India. When an Indian king sent a mliltary force to Myanma, for example, it is seen as "inexplicable" and against the norm.
It fell to pieces for various reasons around 1500 CE or about 5 times the span of British rule. Most SE Asian people have Indic dharma faiths ( or Islamic). The Church of England is almost unknown....