View Full Version : 2 WTY snps on Z73+ branch of I1

09-25-2012, 03:08 PM
A person from AS9/AS16 complex shows two new snps, L1301 and L1302, in his WTY results. His clade is Z73+ in the I1 tree.

Checking other WTY results, it seems near by branches like Z140+ are ancestral for these new snps. First order of business should be that AS9/AS16 complex people as close to the WTY customer and as far from him as possible but still in the clade test these new snps --- this will establish whether new snps are private-like or apply to some or all of AS9/AS16 complex.

Z73+ generics, if any exist, should then probably test as well, along with any Z60+ generics