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Jean M
11-15-2014, 09:21 PM
Mario Novak, Reconstructing health patterns in the early medieval Irish community: osteoarchaeological study of the Omey Island skeletal collection

Study of human remains from archaeological context or osteoarchaeology reveals details about past populations that are rarely mentioned in written historic sources such as emergence of infectious diseases, subadult mortality, population structure and ancestry, nutrition and subsistence strategies, etc. A similar study was recently conducted on a large skeletal collection deriving from Omey Island, Co. Galway aiming to reconstruct demographic characteristics and health patterns of the early medieval inhabitants of this island. The study involved the analysis and comparison of anthropometric measurements, data on demographic parameters, and data on the frequency and distribution of various pathological features (alveo‐dental pathologies, indicators of subadult stress and infectious diseases, musculoskeletal stress markers, and skeletal trauma). Beside the conventional osteoarchaeological approach, the study of this collection will also include radiocarbon dating, ancient DNA analysis and stable isotope analyses.