View Full Version : "I need help finding ethnicity of my biological dad"

11-21-2014, 07:42 PM
The original thread with this title was closed before I could post this link...

It might provide an answer to his question about how a person with northern European ancestry could look southern European...the odds are against it but it does happen


12-19-2014, 08:18 PM
Remember the typical looks described as northern or southern European etc are statistical trends and stereotypes not absolutes. There are plenty of dark eyed, dark hair Germans, British and even Scandinavians. Remember even countries with 75% light eyes like parts of northern Europe still have a quarter of the population dark eyed. You cannot place an individual in a country by appearance.You can only start to guess area of origin if you see a group of unrelated people from the same country. If you had a group of 10 Scandinavians and 10 French you may well get a person or two in each group who looks like they belong to the other group and you would guess wrong if it was just an individual. Remember too that there are at least a quarter to a third or more of Europe's population who are so middling that they could be darker individuals from a fair population or lighter individuals from a dark population. Also a kind of middling not extremely fair or very dark combination is very common across a huge swathe of central Europe.