View Full Version : R1b-L21 STR Allele Values and Frequencies

11-22-2014, 05:45 PM
I thought I would copy over to here something David Vance created and posted in the YahooGroups and was derived from MikeWWW R1b-L21 2014 STR spreadsheet

I will incude the .pdf that David created (I hope, never posted a pdf before), but also post the jpeg snippits that I made for those that like/need pics over pdf's


all credit to MikeWWW and David Vance

on a side note, I would like to point out just how usefull the STR's can still be
...for me and my NPE family, the Vances (Irish), our defining and conclusive STR marker is DYS456, with the super rare values of 19 and 20
...which if you check this chart on the top of page 2, you will find occur at 0%!
-yet we have them, some of us even have 18 as a value, but I would bet a good bottle of single malt Irish whiskey, that most of the results of that come from the several dozens of Vances that have been tested. Remember, these stats are biased in a way, cause they come from just the R1b-L21 guys and a whole bunch of us with those rare values are in this data base

anyway, nice to see that even with the more fine tuned analysis of R1b STR values, my lines distictive marker stands up and is still super useful, especially since its in one of the lower panels of testing, so a newbie does not have to go to 67 or 111 to find out