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11-25-2014, 11:32 PM
Dear YSEQ customer,

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the busy Holiday season is coming up. Every US company is focused on business and how to get their biggest share from the money that will be spent to fulfill the obligation to send gifts to family and friends.

Maybe it's time to think back about what Thanksgiving was really meant to be: It is originally a festival to praise the Gods (of any religion) to say thank you for the successful harvesting season. Like with YSEQ we are looking back to a very successful first year of our company. We had to work hard in the beginning to gain the recognition of our customers, we started our own laboratory from scratch and we invested thousands of dollars in primers where we weren't sure if anybody will test them. However as the year progressed, the business began to catch on and we were able to convince the first group administrators from the reliable work that we do. This multiplied our customer base significantly and we are now close to 1700 individual YSEQ IDs as you can see from our kit numbers.

At the same time we have developed more than 3000 new primer pairs, covering approximately 1.2 Gigabases of the Y chromosome with Sanger sequencing. Believe it or not - this is about 3 times of what the previous market leader has developed in the last 8 years. The number of SNPs shown as available on our website (currently 6683) only represents the known SNPs that we have practically confirmed to have valid reads in the sequencing traces. In fact for every 5th new Wish a SNP request we find that we have the primers already in stock and we can immediately go ahead with the testing.

So in essence we'd like to say Thank You! Thank you to our customers who guided us in the right direction, who helped us to identify the SNPs that really need confirmation from an independent laboratory and who spread the word about YSEQ's very individual services. To really make this year a happy season for everybody, we have decided to make this Thanksgiving a festival of single SNPs for everybody...

Here are our very simple Thanksgiving Prices for single SNP orders:

Every existing single SNP in the YSEQ shop is now $19.00

Go check out your private SNP and tell all your family members how easy they can order it at YSEQ online:

Don't let this great opportunity pass by!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Joe B
11-25-2014, 11:41 PM
The sales ends on December 3rd according to the YSEQ website.

Thanksgiving Prices for Single SNP Orders:

Every existing single SNP in the YSEQ shop is now $19.00
Sale ends on Dec 3rd 2014

11-26-2014, 01:33 AM
wow, nice price