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12-13-2014, 03:42 PM
We would like to draw your attention to the recently established “R-P314 Haplogroup Project”, to focus on those tested / predicted positive for SNPs P314.2 or L362. These are identifiable by some if not all of the following:

<24 at DYS 390*

>12 at DYS 388*

<16 at the delta between DYS 389-2 and 389-1

16-16 at DYF 395S1

11 at DYS 406S1

*DYS 390 and DYS 388 remained 24 and 12 in the early stages of development of the modal haplotype, as seen in European mainland kits, and we are keen to explore this area.

We are aware of at least 170 kits which qualify to join this new project. Mike Walsh's haplotype variety assignment currently begins 21-314…….and includes P12 or P13 in the name.

A tree for P314 has been maintained for some years and is currently available at http://tinyurl.com/McCarthyScrapbook. This was constructed largely on the basis of STR data. The first six Big Y data sets have proven to be consistent with the tree as drawn but there are highly speculative areas which can only be satisfactorily developed with Big Y testing or similar.

This new project has the blessing of those running the higher level DF21 Project, as P314 is a very distinct subclade. Membership is intended solely for those who test positive for P314 or one of its recently discovered equivalents. We hope as many of these as possible will test to 111 STR markers and engage in further SNP testing to confirm their phylogenealogy well into the second millennium.

Prospective participants can join via the Join Request tab at https://www.familytreedna.com/public/R-P314/


Nigel McCarthy, Administrator, R-P314 Project
Jim Leahy, Co-administrator, R-P314 Project

02-15-2015, 06:58 PM
P314 SNP Test Vanished
It came as a bit of a shock when the results for a recently recommended P314 SNP test came back negative, since the STR signature is: unique, rare and usually a very accurate predictor for P314. On closer inspection the test result was for YP314 and checking the FTDNA Upgrade/Order page revealed that P314 is not displayed but YP314 is selected when the p314 or P314 SNP is requested. This has been going on at least since December 2014 and perhaps earlier. See Screen Shot:

Apparently the P314 test was removed from the SNP list because of a conflict in the tree by IT at FTDNA. When queried the reply from FTDNA was “It's currently unavailable because it cannot currently be displayed on the haplotree page or it will cause an issue with the haplogroup designation. I was told that it may come back, but we're not sure yet. It is present in more than one haplogroup.”
My interpretation is that FTDNA can still test for P314 but that IT cannot handle the fact that it occurs in two branches of the Haplotree, especially since they simplified the nomenclature from P314.1 [H] and P314.2 [R] to P314 in the Haplotree. Simply saying unavailable apparently didn’t occur to IT.

There is no indication that this problem impacts other SNP’s, but if they have similar nomenclature watch out.

Jim Leahy
R-P314 Project Administrator

Rory Cain
03-13-2016, 01:28 AM
As admin of the DF21 project I submitted a bundle of SNPs downstream of P314 to FTDNA and these were duly placed on FTDNA's Y-haplotree. Anyone who had already tested for any of these newly listed SNPs should have seen their haplogroup automatically updated as soon as I had them listed. This was so for those kits in checked in the DF21 Project. It would have also had a flow-on effect to members of the P314 project.