View Full Version : Finnish Founder Effect Confirmed By fastIBD Results

J Man
09-30-2012, 02:24 PM
It looks to me like the Finnish founder effect has truly been confirmed once and for all now with the latest fastIBD results that Polako sent out to all his Eurogenes project participants a little while back. Recently a member of the forum where I got these results from who goes by the handle Day Tripper has provided us with some excellent maps showing where our highest level of matches come from in the fastIBD run that Polako sent us all. Here is my own set of maps below.


Black: 1+ cM
Red: 2+ cM
Yellow: 3+ cM
Green: 4+ cM
Blue: 5+ cM
Magneta: 6+ cM

Now I am only 25% Finnish but as you can see at the 1+ and 2+ cM thresholds my Finnish fastIBD matches totally dominate my results. Even at the 3+ and 4+ cM thresholds they are still larger than anywhere else in Europe. For pure Finns the effect is even more dramatic. To me this shows that the Finnish founder effect is truly real and fastIBD confirms it.