View Full Version : 4 new individual SNP tests from FTDNA

02-04-2015, 11:26 PM
Four new individual SNP tests have just appeared in the Advanced menu:

YP870 - subclade of Y4135 (http://yfull.com/tree/R-Y4135/) < YP254 < YP256 < L260

YP582 - Currently equivalent to YP578 (http://yfull.com/tree/R-YP578/) < YP237 < CTS3402 (YP578 is also individually testable)

YP444 - parent of YP445, subclade of L1029 (http://yfull.com/tree/R-L1029/)

YP418 - Subclade of YP417 < L1029 (http://yfull.com/tree/R-YP417/)