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Joe B
02-25-2015, 07:09 PM
YFull posted updates for the R1b-Z2103/CTS1078 haplogroup.
02/25/2015 New sample YF02838 in subclade R-S1141
02/25/2015 New sample YF02832 in subclade R-V2986
02/25/2015 Subclade R1b1a2a2 renamed to R-Z2103
02/25/2015 Subclade R1b1a2a2b renamed to R-L277.1
02/25/2015 Subclade R1b1a2a renamed to R-L23 and added SNP L478/PF6403
02/25/2015 Terminal haplogroup of sample NA20532 renamed from R1b1a2a2b to R-L277.1
02/15/2015 New sample YF02716 in subclade R-Y10789
02/15/2015 Subclade R-V2986 added to R-Y5587 with SNPs V1470, V2986, V4124, Y11810, Y11811, Y11812, Y11813, Y11814, Y11815, Y11816, Y11817

Z2103+ folks who have had their NGS results analyzed at YFull please join Group: R1b-Z2103/CTS1078. It's for anyone Z2103+ and includes all it's downstream clades such as L277.1, L584, Z2108-Z2109/CTS1843, CTS7763, CTS7822/Z2110, CTS9219, Y5587, BY250 plus many more.

Joe B
03-12-2015, 06:36 PM
YFULL added a couple of haplotypes at the R1b-Z2103 level. Most likely they are L584 since that branch has not been developed on their tree yet.
YFull posted updates for the R1b-Z2103/CTS1078 haplogroup.
03/03/2015 At subclade R-L217.1 added SNPs Y11832, Y11833, Y11834, Y11835, Y11836, Y11837, Y11838 and other 7 SNPs
03/03/2015 At subclade R-Z2103 added SNPs Y12536, Y12537
03/03/2015 At subclade R-Z2106 added SNP Y12538
03/03/2015 Parent of subclade R-CTS1450 changed from R-Z2110 to R-CTS7556
03/03/2015 Subclade R-CTS1450 renamed to R-CTS7556

Joe B
05-01-2015, 06:20 PM
YFull Experimental YTree v3.9 is up with updates to the R1b-Z2103 branch. http://www.yfull.com/tree/R-Z2103/
Although it's not as detailed as the R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA Project phylogenetic tree (https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/ht-3-5new/about/results) the formed ybp and TMRCA ybp are a fun feature.