View Full Version : V(C72T) origins?

03-02-2015, 10:23 PM
I just received my MtDNA Plus results back and I'm haplogroup V. First of all, is this a common haplogroup? I've read its somewhat rare however its one of the most common in Europe?

I decided to put my markers through James Lick's mthap test and I have three best possible matches, the best being V(C72T). I compared my markers to those in the V haplogroup project and I match those who have tested positive for V(C72T).

I'm only new to mtDNA and am having trouble finding out what C72T means. Is there a particular region this originates from?

Here's a copy of the V section from the report:

2) V(C72T)

Defining Markers for haplogroup V(C72T):
HVR2: 263G
CR: 750G 1438G 2706G 4580A 4769G 7028T 8860G 15326G 15904T
HVR1: 16298C

Marker path from rCRS to haplogroup V(C72T) (plus extra markers):
H2a2a1(rCRS) ⇨ 263G ⇨ H2a2a ⇨ 8860G 15326G ⇨ H2a2 ⇨ 750G ⇨ H2a ⇨ 4769G ⇨ H2 ⇨ 1438G ⇨ H ⇨ 2706G 7028T ⇨ HV ⇨ 72C 16298C ⇨ HV0 ⇨ 15904T ⇨ HV0a ⇨ 4580A ⇨ V ⇨ 72T ⇨ V(C72T) ⇨ 152C (309.1C) (309.2C) (315.1C) 522.1A 522.2C

Imperfect Match. Your results contained differences with this haplogroup:
Matches(3): 72T 263G 16298C
Extras(3): 152C (309.1C) (309.2C) (315.1C) 522.1A 522.2C
Untested(9): 750 1438 2706 4580 4769 7028 8860 15326 15904

It seems C72T appears in two places, V18 and HV0f? someone can probably interpret this better than me.