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10-19-2012, 07:57 PM
Here is a breakdown of the 65 U5 test results from the 1000 Genomes project. The results are consistent with previous conclusions that U5 has a European origin.

No U5 were found in Asia and Africa - we know they exist but the sample size in this project was too small to detect any. The results below are sampled primarily from northwestern Europe (the Utah samples are said to have northern and western European origin). The TSI samples are from "Tuscan Toscani in Italia", so we do have some southern European samples, but there are no samples from eastern Europe, west Asia or the Near East. So this study is giving us more samples from an area that is already heavily over-sampled.

No U5 were found in Iberia, but the sample size was 14, so too small to detect U5. However, there are three U5 samples from Americans with Latino origins so these three probably indicate Iberian U5 (and indeed they are exact or close matches to people from Spain and France who are already in Genbank or the U5 project, which confirms their Iberian origin). The "GBR" samples are from England and Scotland, so no Irish samples in this category (although Irish samples are probably in the Utah "CEU" group).

We really need more testing of U5 from the Near East to south Asia!

U5a1 Total 15
U5a1* 1 NA12348 Utah
U5a1a1 5 2 Utah, GBR, FIN, TSI
U5a1b 1 GBR
U5a1b1 6 2 TSI, 2 Utah, GBR, FIN
U5a1c 1 NA07357 Utah
U5a1g 1 NA20805 TSI

U5a2 Total 11
U5a2a1 5 2 GBR, 2 FIN, 1 Utah
U5a2b 4 2 TSI, 1 GBR, 1 FIN
U5a2c 1 Utah
U5a2d 1 Utah

U5b1 Total 27
U5b1* 2 Utah, TSI
U5b1f 1 MXL
U5b1b2 14 12 FIN, 2 GBR
U5b1b1a 8 8 FIN
U5b1c 2 2 GBR
Total 27

U5b2 Total 12
U5b2a 7 3 Utah, 2 GBR, 1 FIN, 1 TSI
U5b2b3a 2 2 PUR
U5b2c2b 3 3 GBR

10-20-2012, 10:14 PM
Hi Gail,

The closest one to me ^ is the U5b2b3a. It is shown as PUR. What does PUR stand for? Maybe Poland-Ukraine-Russia? If so, maybe that could be from the Visi/Ostro-Goths.

10-20-2012, 10:28 PM
PUR is Puerto Rico, and the sample is an exact match to a person in GenBank from Spain.