View Full Version : The Atlantropa Project to lower the Mediterranean sea

rock hunter
03-15-2015, 06:49 AM
The Atlantropa Project to lower the Mediterranean sea
How far off are the migration maps used today ?

I am sure few have even heard of this project first proposed in the 1920's by Herman Sörgel a German Architect who wanted to dam the straits of Gibraltar, build a hydroelectric plant there to power Europe ,water the deserts and drop the level of the Mediterranean to create a half a million miles or more of new lands ,the genius and audacity of it as well as maybe the madness has always fascinated me.

If you look at Sorgels projections of new coast lines and reclaimed
lands I bet they are very near to what the Mediterranean would have
looked like during the last ice age when the sea level was also much

The Adriatic would be a valley you could walk across or even live in.
Much of the Aegean sea would be the same. Sardinia and Corsica
would be connected with maybe a land bridge to Italy. Maybe even
a land bridge from Africa . If you play connect the dots or I should say
haplogroups groupings you can almost see a path across the water

So my question is this
I have never seen any migration map that took lower
sea levels into consideration. Has there been research
in this area or am I missing something?