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03-17-2015, 01:00 AM
I noticed that Alex Williamson still has ZZ11 above U152 and DF27 on his Big Tree. I seem to recall Razyn posting about this somewhere, but I can't find the thread. So my question for anyone who knows, is this placement holding up? Are the results coming in for BigY kits for DF27 and U152, confirming this placement?

03-17-2015, 08:05 AM
ZZ11_1 = ChrY:22286799 C->G. BigY and FGC results in YFull P312 group shows positive results for all U152, DF27 and some P312* results and negative for L21 and DF99. There is one exception - this is one DF27 with ZZ11_1 negative: http://www.yfull.com/share/yreport/731a902cb1e47b1f00602a8e2a6b21c3/

03-30-2015, 06:37 PM
I may have posted this before but here is my stats for Z11_1

ChrY position: 22286799 (+strand)
Reads: 323
Position data: 257C 66G
Weight for C: 0.793926959376
Weight for G: 0.206073040624
Probability of error: 0.29143128889 (0<->1)
Sample allele: C
Reference (hg19) allele: C

If I recall, Z11_1 is odd in that you are looking for is some G percentage as opposed to the typical 90% or higher. In my case I have 79.4% for the reference allele C, and 20.6% reads for the derived G allelle.

03-30-2015, 11:07 PM
My cousin is R1b-Z49* (Z49 < L2 < U152) , and YFull says he has:
Sample: #YF02497 (R-L2)
ChrY position: 22286799 (+strand)
Reads: 396
Position data: 396C
Weight for C: 1.0
Probability of error: 0.0 (0<->1)
Sample allele: C
Reference (hg19) allele: C

Note that Z49 was a no-call for him, so YFull lists him merely as R-L2. FTDNA's Sanger sequencing found him Z49+ .

04-04-2015, 09:19 PM
ZZ11, being upstream from U152 and DF27, but not L21, mirrors a geographical and possibly linguistic divide between continental and insular P312. Many scholars are of the opinion that Celtic languages are divided between Continental Celtic and Insular Celtic. Although on the continent, the Breton language is Insular, having been brought to Brittany by Britons fleeing the Saxon invasions. So this also fits the scenario as Brittany is largely L21, one of the few such places in continental Europe.

04-16-2015, 03:00 AM
Since Billy Webb started a thread about ZZ11, and I've posted about it two other places but not here, I think I'll cite one that cites the other (if you care enough to look) and then go do something more concrete, like restore an old mandola I keep putting off.