View Full Version : Clarification of Y-DNA Haplogroup Q1b Phylogenetic Structure

04-05-2015, 06:36 PM
Clarification of Y-DNA Haplogroup Q1b Phylogenetic Structure Based on Y-Chromosome Full Sequencing
Vladimir Gurianov, Dmitry Adamov, Vladimir Tagankin, Leon Kull

The recent growth of the Y-chromosome full sequencing data sets made it possible to arrange a full-scale update of Q1b haplogroup phylogenetic structure (Q-L275). The article contains a detailed description of Q-Y2200 and Q-YP745 branches aswell as a number of other subclades downstream to Q-L275 including their dating as per the method described in the article of Adamov et al. 2015. We also made an effort of inter-discipline review of data from the field of population genetics, archaeology, and comparative linguistics; formalized major problems arisen upon delivering this analysis, and offered a few hypotheses on migration paths of the groups comprising representatives of different Q1b subclades.

Link (https://www.academia.edu/11738905/Clarification_of_Y-DNA_Haplogroup_Q1b_Phylogenetic_Structure_Based_on _Y-Chromosome_Full_Sequencing)