View Full Version : mt C, T and U4 connection between the steppe, NE Europe and C. Asia

04-12-2015, 03:50 PM
Does anybody think there is a connection between the mt C found in Dnieper-Donets, the mt C in Karelia and the R1a at Karelia and the often hypothesized R1a population of Dnieper-Donets? We also have R1a and C in later Tarim samples and samples from Indo-Iranian associated cultures. Weren't the Dnieper Donets populations also craniometrically similar to the Karelia population from which R1a was extracted?

What about the high frequency of T in the Baltic, T in Dnieper-Donets and the high frequency of T in Indo-Iranian related cultures?

And could there be a connection between the frequency of U4 near the Baltic, Volga Urals, in Catacomb, in Ust Tartas/Barbara forest steppe as well as some of the more northern Indo-Iranian archeological cultures like Tagar? Everything I have read indicates a south to north movement between Catacomb (steppe) and Abashevo (forest steppe) and between Abashevo (forest steppe) and Volosovo (forest zone)? Could the migration have been reversed and somehow related to a possible migration of R1a-Z282-A southwards?