View Full Version : No eastern European in my origins.....

05-04-2015, 12:13 AM
But do these Gedmatch results suggest some Eastern European ancestry?

MDLP K12: East_European 15.15

MDLP K8: East_European 31.25

MDLP K9: East_European 30.32

MDLP K10: East_European 18.71

MDLP K11: East_European 18.76

Eurogenes K15: Eastern_Euro 7.73

Eurogenes J test: EAST_EURO 10.51

Eurogenes EU test: EAST_EURO 10.78

Dodecad V3: East_European 11.97

05-04-2015, 12:42 AM
Probably not - If it was significantly elevated compared to the average then perhaps, although looking at yours from what i can remember that is normal for British Isles - It's due to more ancient shared ancestry between modern west & east Europeans, ie an eastern European won't have 100% of this component, but it peaks in eastern European populations.